Wor-King/Wor-Queen (2022) / 20”


歌者 :

Stamatia Nefeli Spyropoulou
Coraghessan Steinbach
Chen Tan
Ferdinand Krumbügel


for Four Singers and 8 Channels Electronic music

Singers :

Stamatia Nefeli Spyropoulou
Coraghessan Steinbach
Chen Tan
Ferdinand Krumbügel

Electronic music : Chin-Hsien Chung

Music : Logic, Ableton (Fixed Media)

If singer 1 is a male then use the title “Wor-King” in the program.
If singer 1 is a female then use the title “Wor-Queen” in the program.

4 singers (There is no restriction on gender.)

↓ English version below ↓



What a wonderful thing it is to have a vision of the future. In order to achieve it, people always think that time will prove everything and that it will pass if they endure. But there comes a time when enthusiasm is worn out.

At the beginning of her career, she was full of enthusiasm and felt good about herself like a queen. But in order to integrate into the workplace, she becomes like everyone else, learning to accept the status quo and settle for it. But adult breakdowns are often fleeting. Then who is willing to stand up for themselves under such pressure?


Singer 1 is going to have the first workday in his/her life. He/She is so excited and can’t wait to be in the office and meet lots of colleagues. But he/she won’t know this fantasy is about to break. On the first workday, he/she is happy because so many new things happened even if he/she works overtime.

A week later, he/she feels tired but not bad and still looks forward to returning to a day without overtime. 

A few months later, he/she is busy and tired day after day, almost exhausted.

A year later, more work, more pressure, more capable. He/She no longer has a passion for work like a working robot.

The company’s environment is getting worse and worse, and the emotions of colleagues are getting more and more irritable with the overloaded work.

While he/she is verging on a breakdown, the boss comes to him, hoping that he/she could take this difficult project. He/She is of two minds about accepting this project. He didn’t want to accept this project in his heart, but he was afraid of the possibility of being fired after rejected him. Finally, in order to avoid being fired, he/she still accepts to do a project he does not want to do.

活動 Event



演出日期/時間:2022.05.19 19:30

演出場館:科隆音樂與舞蹈學院 – 音樂廳

Konzert der Kompositionsklassen

Version : Wor-Queen

Time : 19.05.2022 19:30

Location : Hochschule für Musik und Tanz – Konzertsaal

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